Bike Fit Appointment Booking (Singapore)

Terms & Conditions for Appointments:
  1. A deposit (SGD115/ SGD65) is required for the confirmation of a booking slot and is included in the overall cost of the fit. You only need to settle the balance when the fit is completed. Cash is preferred 
  2. Booking Deposits are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable. 
  3. To achieve the best possible fit with the pre-set geometrical limitations of your current frame, it is possible that we may need to recommend certain essential changes in setup, equipment, aids or components (ie. saddles, stems, insoles etc). 
  4. Refusing to do so would limit and impair us from performing a proper fit.
  5. While we will continue to try our best, we will be released from all responsibility related to outcome of the bike fit.
  6. Service Cost does not include the cost of any additional items needed. (eg. Insoles, wedges, cleats, etc) 

By purchasing a Booking Deposit, you agree to the T&C.


Items to bring to bike fit studio:
  1. Cycling wear & Shoes (NO LOOSE CLOTHING) 
  2. Change of clothes
  3. Bicycle
  4. Spare parts for adjustment/ try (eg. Stem, Spacer for Aero Bar, cleats)