VIPER-R 2017 ceepoOur goal for 2017 was to improve the Viper in a sensible way for our athletes to attain a measurable advantage from previous models. We also wanted to continue moving forward with the simplicity of assembly and maintenance for easy of use with our traveling athletes in mind. In collaboration with Profile Design we developed an integrated front hydration system along with the integrated stem / bento box combination. The results of this new collaboration has achieved an impressive 15% improvement in wind tunnel testing compared to the same Viper with conventional race day setup!

VIPER-R CO2 black






Revised Front End with Hydration

Our new integrated aero bottle that attaches directly to the new Profile Design stem/bento box. We have been able to stay with a traditional assembly and we have avoided crazy cable routing and brake covers. The 2017 Viper-R is easy to travel with and reassemble to ride. Our new revised front end is fast, simple and adaptable, providing ample adjustment range with Profile Design’s new handlebars as well as remaining a standard size allowing most handlebars to work.


  • Non-UCI Legal Design: CEEPO is 100% Triathlon Oriented
  • Truncated Aero Foil Tubes: Stiffer, lighter aero tubes
  • Lowered BB:
    • For improved high speed stability and better overall aerodynamics
  • Tool Box:
    • Completely redesigned tool box utilizing superior materials, and including a simple and solid attachment bracket.
  • Integrated Stem: 70mm / 100mm
  • ATTK Storage:
    • Size: 210mm x 40mm x 57cm (245cm3)
  • Brake:
    • Direct-Mount front and rear for superior braking power along easy maintenance

By hiding the rear calliper behind a lowered down tube section; we can achieve both speed and
simplicity of adjustment as well as easy maintenance making the life of the travelling athlete more



  • Reversible Seat Post
    • For a wide range of saddle adjustability
  • Internal Di2 Battery Adaptor:
    • Accessible battery location in lower section of downtube
  • CO2 Cartridge Holder
  • Head Set: 1-1/8” – 1-1/4”
  • BB Type: BB EVO386
  • Frame: 100% 40T high-modulus carbon frame 1,250g (M size)

Viper-R ceepo 2017 size chart

2017 NEW CEEPO will be available in October. Preorder your CEEPO BIKES now at [email protected]!

CEEPO Bikes Exclusive Discounts

All CEEPO Bike Owners will enjoy a 15% discount off from any SBR Bicycle Garage on labor cost only. Excludes cost of parts unless otherwise noted.