CEEPO Seatpost Mini Clamp

We at CEEPO are always looking at ways to meet our riders’ aspirations and needs.

Our new CEEPO Mini Clamp provides following three features:

  • Marks saddle height. No more taping!
  • A super clean race number holder
  • Eliminates seatpost slippage






Saddle height mark:
All cyclists mark their saddle height with tape or some way so they can feel secure before racing that this vital data is correct. Traveling triathletes are even more concerned with this issue. Our new Mini Clamp stays solidly on the seatpost and ensures that this data remains correct at all times.

Race number holder:
Small, easy, and super clean. Our original mini clamp is simply the nicest and most aerodynamic race holder device on the market. No more taping the race number onto your bike frame.

Aero seatpost plus traveling athletes often translate into seatpost slipping no matter how good the original clamp on the bike might be, and that can really ruin a race. Our new Mini Clamp, despite its small size, needs as much pressure as to the original clamp on the bike to let the seatpost slip. Just by adding this Mini Clamp makes the seatpost slipping virtually impossible.

So small, yet so effective!


Order your CEEPO Seatpost Mini Clamp now! Place your orders to [email protected]!