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windtunnel image 2017 final

CEEPO is a triathlon brand; so aerodynamic efficiency is our primary goal when we design a new frame.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics), wind tunnel with and without athletes plus real life outside testing are the tools we use to make sure that the designs meet our goals. For the new Viper-R, Viper and Katana frame sets, the CEEPO R/D team has spend many hours in wind tunnels facilities to test prototypes and production samples.

Our frames have been tested in 2 wind tunnel locations; early prototype tests have been performed in Japan at Toyohashi Technologies National University under Dr. Seki supervision. We also have been performing a series of tests at A2 Wind Tunnel of North Carolina. All this allowed us to refine shapes and make sure that all small details in the design is aligned toward achieving our main goal which is to provide faster frames to our athletes.

aero diagram






During the bike course, the air resistance ratios of race performance are: 70% from the athlete’s body, 20% from the front wheel, and 10% from the bike frame. CEEPO specializes in building professional triathlon bicycle frames using the most advanced technology. Our mission is focused on the critical 70% in order to help athletes perform at the optimal aerodynamic angles at varying distances to allow less fatigue for the running segment to follow.



We all know that keeping the body as aerodynamic as possible during the bike segment can be uncomfortable and difficult for muscles to adjust when transitioning from bike to run. CEEPO understands this issue and believes that body aerodynamics is best performed when the body is comfortable while pedalling therefore saving as much energy as possible for running off the bike. Our frame geometry is specially designed and built for ranges of Triathlon bike race distances. CEEPO Bicycles are specifically designed so that every athlete can move from the bike to the run with the most conserved energy and best overall condition. CEEPO bicycles are Triathlon specific machines! They are NOT just a TT bike! CEEPO – designed by Triathletes for Triathletes!




The larger angle between seat tube and chain stay pushes your hips forward, creating a larger angle from your hips to your knees. This results in not only a better aerodynamic body position, but also an advantage of more effective pedalling power & energy reserve to your muscles so you are ready for the immediate run to follow.





The longer FC distance B provides better comfort & stability in maintaining triathlon long distance riding.

REAR│CENTER distance
Longer RC distance provides better comfort and shorter RC gives faster power drive. CEEPO frames are set on middle range RC that proves best for Triathlon.

BB DROP distance
The longer BB drop distance B means lower centre of weight/forces. This provides greater stability and less stress for a comfortable ride. High modulus carbon material is used to compensate for slower pedalling.



BIKE FRAME SHAPES – All CEEPO frames are designed and built with high quality carbon material and shaped to maximise aerodynamic.

WIND TUNNEL TEST – CEEPO frames were wind tunnel tested in some of Japan’s most advanced facility. Test data is then integrated into modification of frame designs and finish to achieve best aerodynamics.



CEEPO Bikes Exclusive Discounts

All CEEPO Bike Owners will enjoy a 15% discount off from any SBR Bicycle Garage on labor cost only. Excludes cost of parts unless otherwise noted.