CEEPO Warranty Registration & Claim

At CEEPO we’ve always considered ourselves a bit obsessive about quality and we believe that its control depends upon a number of factors,including strong team held values, clear standards and processes, and a quality work culture shared from production to distribution. We are committed to delivering bikes to our customers that are free from manufacturing, workmanship, and material defects for the 3 years of the bike for the original owner. Please see the Warranty for specifics inclusions and exclusions.

The warranty applies only for CEEPO products purchased at authorised CEEPO Dealers. CEEPO products purchased through any channel other than an authorised CEEPO dealer are not covered by the CEEPO warranty.

Warranty Registration

Please register your bike for faster service in the event of a warranty issue. The serial number can be found on the underside of the bottom bracket. Other pertinent information relevant to your purchase has been stored in our system for future reference.

Warranty Claim

All warranty claims must be made through CEEPO Singapore by Swim Bike Run Singapore. Please download and complete the CEEPO Warranty Claim Form  and email to [email protected].