Cycling Cleats

The position of the cleat on the shoe requires the riders natural foot position to be taken into account, you shouldn’t just put your cleats on any old place.

A rider’s cleat alignment with corrections and/or recommendation for shoe/foot wedging or shimming if necessary. This assessment includes a look at your feet, if necessary, correct collapsed arches and other fit related issues that are caused by unsupported feet.**

If you have had a Bike Fitting your cleats should be set up correctly for you. If you choose to switch shoes then you may want us to set your cleats up for you again. We have a look at your natural foot position while standing and walking and position the cleats accordingly on your shoe.

Cost: SGD 65



  1. **To achieve the best possible fit with the pre-set geometrical limitations of your current frame, it is possible that we may need to recommend certain essential changes in setup, equipment, aids or components (ie. saddles, stems, insoles, wedges etc).
  2. Refusing to do so would limit and impair us from performing a proper fit. While we will continue to try our best, we will be released from all responsibility related to outcome of the bike fit.
  3. For Shimano and Keo Look system only

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