PRO 2nd Bike Fit

The majority of riders have more than one bike with each offering its own specific reward or advantage. If you use them both, bring them into SBR Bike Fit Studio and we’ll give you a special rate for your second bike fitting.

For those who have ALREADY have completed a PRO BIKE FIT, but wish to be fitted on a 2nd BIKE.

Having consistency across your cycling fleet ensures you get the most out of our service. It’s our professional opinion that comfort equals performance, and the outstanding results and feedback from many of our clients has proven this time and time again.

Cost: SGD 330

Duration: 3 hours

Only Applicable within 2 months after your first PRO BIKE FIT SERVICE

**To achieve the best possible fit with the pre-set geometrical limitations of your current frame, it is possible that we may need to recommend certain essential changes in setup, equipment, aids or components (ie. saddles, stems, insoles, wedges etc). Refusing to do so would limit and impair us from performing a proper fit. While we will continue to try our best, we will be released from all responsibility related to outcome of the bike fit.

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