The Pro Bike fit looks at all aspects of fitting a cyclist to their own bike. For those who have been riding for a while or have any comfort issues or performance limitations, this is the session you want to do!

Pro Bike Fit is suited for those who are competing in high level endurance competition such as the following examples:

  • Full Iron Man (Cycling 180km)
  • 70.3 Half Iron Man (Cycling 90km)
  • Olympic Distance Triathlon (Cycling 40km)
  • Le Tour de Langkawi – UCI (8 Stages to complete)
  • Cape Epic – South Africa (700km MTB stage-race)
  • Transcontinental Race No.5 – Ultra Distance Cycling (3,200 to 4,200 km approx.)

Pro Bike fit includes the following:

  1. A review of the rider’s cycling history, comfort problems on the bike, and performance goals related to their sport.
  2. A comprehensive assessment of the rider’s functional mobility and stability on and off the bike.
  3. **Check of the rider’s cleat alignment with corrections and/or recommendation for shoe/foot wedging or shimming if necessary.
  4. An analysis of the rider’s position and riding style on the bike using the Retul Motion Capture System.
  5. Adjustments to the bike to maximise performance and improve comfort.


Each cyclist receives a comprehensive report at the end of the session with recommendations for future actions and if needed, an exercise plan to help improve their functional movement on and off the bike.


  1. **To achieve the best possible fit with the pre-set geometrical limitations of your current frame, it is possible that we may need to recommend certain essential changes in setup, equipment, aids or components (ie. saddles, stems, insoles, wedges etc).
  2. Refusing to do so would limit and impair us from performing a proper fit. While we will continue to try our best, we will be released from all responsibility related to outcome of the bike fit.
  3. Speedplay cleat adjustment is not available at this time till further notice
  4. Service Cost does not include the cost of any additional items needed. (eg. Insoles, wedges, cleats, etc)
Cost: SGD 415

Duration: 4 Hour

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